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Our Story

In the heart of the enchanting historic center of Como, in the street name and number from which it got its name, you will find 18 DEL PERO, a small boutique managed by the designer Simona Trombetta.

In 2008 - after a specialization at the Master in Jewelry Design at Politecnico di Milano - Simona launched this activity made up of ideas, experience and passion. Simona designs and produces handcrafted jewelry, entirely handmade in thread, silver, brass, bronze, zircons and freshwater pearls. The passion for jewelry expands, and so also her collections, reflecting femininity and elegance, refined style and essential simplicity.

Simona starts selling her products abroad, first in Scandinavian, then in Japan, and then distributes them in Italy, collaborating with goldsmith craftsmen, as precious as the jewelry they make. Each piece is extraordinarily elegant in its apparent simplicity, but a closer look shows meticulous workmanship and exceptional attention to every single detail.
A discrete, classic jewelry, with a modern twist and at times a bit romantic.

Simona then decides to polarize the work to the boutique in via Del Pero 18, also through the constant search for handmade products in Italy, as an addition next to her collections. Today in the shop you find, alongside the Handmade in Como creations, a selection of accessories created in Italian workshops, such as bags, silk scarves and hats. Each element breathing the passion for beauty, style and the care of Made in Italy, the elegance that never goes out of fashion.